9 months later… (Tune Yards)

right… so where were we?

Influences:...New York, Connecticut, Montreal, Oakland.   Then….Eleanor Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, Ruth Garbus, Bert Brecht, Bjork, Todd Rundgren, Fela Kuti, you.


Merrill Garbus is definitely my new crush. To date, she has three full-length studio albums and her project, Tune Yards, is currently signed to the British independent record label 4AD.

Tune Yards is Merrill Garbus (drums, vocals, keys, ukulele) and Nate Brenner (bass, synths, vocals). Merrill samples and loops herself, tuneyards_jpg_627x325_crop_upscale_q85creating sounds that she plays and loops again almost in a self-absorbed kind of way. Some might argue that her lyrics are flirting with the ” small talk ” category, but to me the way she chooses to present herself through her last album Nikki Nack is invigorating and real.

She is the real thing, she sounds like the real thing, Joke’s on you, all askew, heard her name in Timbuktu.

Tune Yards are touring Europe now, so catch them if you can (preferably in intimate venues rather than open spaces, I hear they failed to impress at Glastonbury)



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