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nostalgic Allah – las

@LaRouteDuRock, St Malo, France

ALLAH-LAS @ Festival La Route du Rock 2013

Allah-las is an American band from California. West coast boys in their late twenties who met while working in a record store in L.A. and decided to experiment with garage and psychedelic rock sounds of the 60’s. Influenced more from the environment rather than anything else, meaning that their album would have never been recorded in Iceland. I liked them from the intro of their first tune of their first self-titled album. It was something about them that could create almost a feeling of safety, the same kind of safety that you feel while enjoying your childhood favourite meal. comfort food, comfort music. In fact if somebody cared about my top five albums of 2012, I would happily include Allah-las on my list. However, just a month ago, a friend whose opinion I trust, told me that their live performance is not as good as the album, so I was kind of holding a small basket for them.
But when the orange warm lights were turned on, on the smaller stage of the festival in St Malo in France, people were getting closer to eachother for protection from the sudden shower and their safe familiar first tune was heard over the speakers. These, the first keys of Catamaran. People were dancing, the band was completed tuned in not only to the right keys but to the whole atmosphere and emotions of the crowd. I was enjoying it all the way.
A band that new, that I swear  I can remember them playing one of their songs twice . And while they were playing Sacred Sands, my favourite from their album,  the festival people were dancing, the shower had just stopped and I was enjoying both a cigarette and a great performance. What more could I ask for?